As per “National Income Statistics,” July 2010, CMIE, India’s house hold savings in the financial sector is 32% of the Gross Domestic Savings for the fiscal year 2007-08 and where as the share of life insurance premium was 17.9% of the Gross House Hold Savings which is interestingly more than that of Brazil with 5%, China with 15%, UK with 2%, USA with 1% of their GDS and the fact clearly indicates the large potential for savings in life insurance premium by the Indians.

Benefits of LIC Agency As A Career

  • Have the luxury to work with the highest paid profession in the world
  • Enjoy both Royalty and Hereditary Income
  • You can start this Profession with no Investment.
  • You are your own boss to set your own working hours, enjoy the liberty.

How To Become A LIC Agent?

The Process

  • You should have a minimum pass in 12th standard
  • You should be of age 18 years and above
  • You should undergo class-room Training and online exam
  • Apply online on this website


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