Life insurance Penetration rate indicates the level of development of life insurance sector in the country. Penetration rate is measured as the ratio of premium underwritten in a particular year to the GDP. According to the latest reports, the life insurance penetration levels of Taiwan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, Finland, South Korea, France, Switzerland, Singapore and India stood at 13.90, 10.20, 10.10, 8.80, 8.70, 7.70, 7.00, 6.20, 5.50, 4.30, 3.40 as percentage of their GDP respectively. The difference between the penetration levels of India and the other world countries is vast which clearly indicates about the vast potential present in the life insurance sector in India when compared to the other world nations.

Benefits of LIC Agency As A Career

  • Have the luxury to work with the highest paid profession in the world
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How To Become A LIC Agent?

The Process

  • You should have a minimum pass in 12th standard
  • You should be of age 18 years and above
  • You should undergo class-room Training and online exam
  • Apply online on this website


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