Our Celebrity Agents

Ritu Nanda

Deepti Bhatnagar

Abishek Bachhan

Ragini Yadav

Our Star Commission Earners

Name Commission per Annum
Rachna Jindal 7.00 Crores
V.D. Jain 6.00 Crores
Ritu Nanda 4.80 Crores
Amit Agarwal 4.50 Crores
Anshu Srivatsav 4.30 Crores
Bhushan Limaye 1.20 Crores
Hitesh Maniar 1.00 Crores
K.H. Chaudhari 0.40 Crores
Peter Dantas 0.36 Crores
Neha Palande 0.25 Crores

Benefits of LIC Agency As A Career

  • Have the luxury to work with the highest paid profession in the world
  • Enjoy both Royalty and Hereditary Income
  • You can start this Profession with no Investment.
  • You are your own boss to set your own working hours, enjoy the liberty.

How To Become A LIC Agent?

The Process

  • You should have a minimum pass in 12th standard
  • You should be of age 18 years and above
  • You should undergo class-room Training and online exam
  • Apply online on this website


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